fidelis farms, logo, a creative feeling

With this design I wanted to merge the two main factors into one cohesive logo. Organic farm meets armed forces is quite an original combination and one I could have some fun with.

Quite a few of the contest submissions were heavily weighted to either the military theme or the farming concept. There seemed to be a struggle with balancing the two. By toning down both elements and using each delicately I did not find this to be the case.

The simple shape of the helmet coupled with subtle reference to the Stars and Stripes was enough to represent the U.S. military. While the overall colour scheme, sprouting plant and rolling hills symbolised organic farming.

I have included an alternate logo below. With the understated red making the colours of the American flag slightly more obvious, yet not overpowering. Even though I did not win the contest with either option, I feel I met the brief perfectly and produced a simple yet effective logo.


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