My new year’s resolution…change

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Loose weight, work less, spend more time with friends and family, exercise more, save more, do something exciting.

All of these are the typical new year’s resolutions that are thrown around come the start of January. All of these are worth doing and if carried out are certainly rewarding intentions. All of these, unfortunately when said by me, have been utter rubbish.

A resolution is something that should last, something that needs to happen or at least something you are proud of. In the past a resolution for me usually involves complete dedication for 6 weeks before it slowly comes to a grinding halt.

It is not that I want to fail, in fact failure at anything really bothers me. However when it comes to these bold statements of intent, in particular the one mentioned first in the list above, I ALWAYS fail.

So this year, what needs to happen is I achieve all of the above. I am not a kid anymore, in fact I’m far from it, I’m nearly a 31 year old man, who is considerably overweight, with a child on the way and this scares me. I cannot go on with statements that are made being just words, they need to become actions. I don’t believe I have the time to mess about like I once did, so quite simply…I need to change.

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