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Very recently I upped my efforts to find out what is available to people like me, who may wish to start their own business.

I found a large number of local online resources that were readily available and most helpful. Especially Go For It NI and NI Business.

I decided to make an appointment to speak to an advisor, simply to set the ball rolling and to find out as much information as I could. I met with Emma Pearson who is the Business Development Manager for Go For It in North Down. She was extremely helpful and provided me with some invaluable advice.

She encouraged me to submit an application for Business Boot Camp, as she believed if successful I could benefit greatly from the experience. The only drawback was that the proposal had to be submitted the following day.

I put something together and submitted it, not expecting too much. I knew that if accepted I would have a wealth of expertise and knowledge to assist me and if unsuccessful I would simply try again at a later date, with a bit more preparation.

To my surprise and delight, Emma contacted me a few days later to inform me my application had been accepted. With only five business ideas deemed good enough to move to the next stage, I have to be honest, I was proud of myself.
This is a great opportunity for me to help develop my idea, learn new skills and push my potential business into one that I hope will be hugely successful in the future.

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